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A continuous invitation... "Come, Come..."

"Tell me please what’s special in this place... for although I have been too many interesting places I never experienced peace and joy as I did when I entered quietly in that small room".
These are the words expressed by a tourist some years ago when she visited the Ta' Pinu National Shrine of Malta in our little island of Gozo.

We hope that through this website you may not only be informed and enjoy the splendour of the artistic beauty of the Ta' Pinu Basilica, built in the centre of the beautiful countryside of Gozo, but that you too may hear in the debt of your heart the same invitation that the Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta' Pinu on 22 June 1883 made to Karmela Grima a forty-five year-old spinster from Gharb: "Ejja, ejja..." which means "Come, come..."

Yes, the Ta' Pinu Shrine is a special place, chosen from our Heavenly Mother, from where she continues to call her children to visit her so that in the spirit and in truth they will experience God's love. On the other hand we hope that those who are not able to visit the Ta' Pinu Basilica personally, may through this on line site experience the maternal love of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta' Pinu.