Ta' Pinu Petitions

You can write your Petition to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta’ Pinu, Queen of the Family. The prayer of the rosary which is recited everyday in front the Blessed Virgin Mary of Ta’ Pinu together with the Saturday Evening Mass will be offered for all the petitions sent.

“In the interim just as the Mother of Jesus, glorified in body and soul in heaven, is the image and beginning of the Church as it is to be perfected is the world to come, so too does she shine forth on earth, until the day of the Lord shall come, as a sign of sure hope and solace to the people of God during its sojourn on earth.

The entire body of the faithful pours forth instant supplications to the Mother of God and Mother of men that she, who aided the beginnings of the Church by her prayers, may now, exalted as she is above all the angels and saints, intercede before her Son in the fellowship of all the saints, until all families of people, whether they are honoured with the title of Christian or whether they still do not know the Saviour, may be happily gathered together in peace and harmony into one people of God, for the glory of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.”

(Lumen Gentium 68-69)

O Lord, I believe in you and through the intercession of your blessed Virgin Mother of Ta’ Pinu, I pray...

(Please write your petition in the space below)


Recite Our Father, three Hail Marys and Glory be:

In gratitude for having heard my prayers, o gracious Lord, I bind my will to Yours: not my will but Yours be done.